The Ultimate Shifter

In OEM shifters, so in the shifters of the MR2 Spyder and Celica T23‘s, the metal mechanics are supported in plastic bearings.

That pairing always results in wear and play, so engaging a gear does not feel as mechanically perfect and crispy as it should feel.

That’s why we developed the Ultimate Shifter, a short shifter that completely replaces the OEM shifter assembly with all it’s factory issues, while offering perfect fitment without any modification to the car itself or the interior plastics.

Plastic gets replaced by billet CNC machined parts, every part of the Ultimate Shifter gets precisely CNC milled out of a single block of aluminum.

The mechanics got precisely calculated, simulated and tested to result in the perfect sized shift pattern and position to the steering wheel.

We moved the shift knob 90mm higher up to the steering wheel and a little bit (20mm) nearer to the driver.

The middle position spring got custom winded for us by a german supplier to perfectly match our needed specs, to offer the perfect force feedback while driving.

The Shifter includes all needed installation hardware, all bearings got a lifetime grease.

Pre-Order yours now!!! First pieces will be shipped from 4th of August.